Presentations at the 27th World Congress of Political Science, Buenos Aires, 15-19 July 2023

Mr. Giorgio Varanini presented the paper “Bioeconomy Policy Implementation in Bioeconomy States – An Analytical Framework” in the panel “Governance and Public Policies” at the 27th World Congress of Political Science in Buenos Aires. The paper introduces the concept of the bioeconomy state and proposes it as an analytical framework to study the implementation of bioeconomy policies. Moreover, Mr. Varanini presented his paper “Policy Design for Resilience? The Maize Bio-based Production System in Italy and Bioeconomy Policy Design” in the panel “Climate Security and Resilience: Pluriversal Community-Led Alternatives“. The paper examined whether and how the bioeconomy policy mix enables the resilience of the maize bio-based production system in Italy. It concludes that agricultural policies are likely to enable the robustness and nominal bioeconomy policies the transformability of the maize bio-based production system, pointing to the need for increasing policy coherence to enable its resilience.